Philips Multigroom series 3000 waterproof grooming kit QG3337/15

Philips Multigroom series 3000 waterproof grooming kit QG3337/15

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  • Philips Multigroom series 3000 waterproof grooming kit QG3337/15
  • All-in-one styling
  • 3 attachments and 4 combs
  • 18 integrated length settings
  • 35 mins' cordless use/10 hr charge
  • All-in-one styling
  • Maximum versatility for HEAD-TO-TOE Styling
  • Create your perfect style with this waterproof MultiGroomer. The full size trimmer with adjustable beard comb, hair comb and body comb, the detail trimmer with comb and the nose trimmer, gives you all the tools to perfect your look.


Skin-friendly performance

• Full size trimmer for neck line, sideburns and chin

• 21 mm detail trimmer for fine lines, small areas and details

• Nosetrimmer: Comfortably remove unwanted hairs

• Skin-friendly trimmer blades are easy on your face and neck


• 18 length setting beard and moustache comb

• 10 length settings bodytrimming comb

• 18 length setting hair-clipping comb

• 1 detailing comb to trim or tidy up sideburns and eyebrows

Easy to use

• 35 minutes of cordless use after 10-hour charge.

• Fully washable for easy cleaning

• 2-year guarantee,

worldwide voltage, no oiling needed


  • Full size trimmer
  • Maintain your style, get clean, sharp lines around the edge of your beard or create perfect stubble with the full-sized trimmer.
  • Detail trimmer
  • Create the fine lines and details that define your style with the detail trimmer.
  • Nose trimmer
  • Easily and comfortably remove unwanted hairs from your ears and nose with this clip-on rotary trimmer
  • Beard comb
  • Keep your beard at the length you prefer. Choose from 18 length settings in 1 mm steps by using the beard comb on the full-sized trimmer.
  • Skin-friendly high-performance
  • Guaranteed best results with precision heat-treated blades made of finely ground chromium steel. Self-sharpening blades ensure long-lasting performance while rounded blade tips and combs prevent skin irritation.
  • Rechargeable
  • Get 35 minutes of cordless use after every 10-hour charge
  • Bodygroom comb
  • Trim your body hair to the length you prefer by selecting between 10 different length settings on the bodytrimming comb.
  • Hair-clipping comb
  • Keep your hair neat and styled at the length you prefer by selecting between 18 different length settings on the hair-clipping comb, in 1 mm steps (3-20 mm).
  • Detail and eyebrow comb
  • Trim your eyebrows, sideburns and facial details to a uniform length

Create the look you want

•Hairclipping/Facial styling: Detailed styling, Long beard, Moustache, Short beard, Stubble look

•Number of attachments/combs: 3 attachments and 4 combs

•Number of length settings: 18 integrated length settings

•Styling tools: Beard trimmer, Nose trimmer, Detail trimmer, 18-setting beard comb, 18-setting hairclipper comb, 10 settings body comb, Detail and eyebrow comb

Ease of use

•Charging time: 10 hours

•Waterproof: Easy use and clean


•Colour: Black with blue details

Power system

•Cordless running time: 35 minute(s)


•2-year Manufacturer guarantee

•Self-sharpening blades

•No oil needed


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