Tung Gel With Zinc Chloride

Tung Gel With Zinc Chloride

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Dr. Wieder's Original Tung-Gel® with Zinc Chloride to help neutralize bad breath from the tongue.

Clinical research has recently determined that the tongue harbors most of the bacteria that can cause bad breath and gum disease. And there are no better tools to conveniently, comfortably and effectively reduce the amount of bacteria and debris on the tongue than Dr. Wieder's Original Tung-Brush® and Tung-Gel®.

  • Sudsing helps to remove bacteria and debris from the tongue.
  • Zinc Chloride helps to neutralize bad breath caused by bacteria on the tongue.
  • Light gel rinses off the tongue cleaner than toothpaste.
  • Unique great-tasting formula leaves tongue feeling tingly and fresh.

Dentists and hygienists now recommend tongue cleansing as an essential part of complete oral care.

Developed by a leading dentist for his patients. Inspired by the latest advancements in research and his commitment to finding a better way of preventing bad breath and gum disease, Dr. Steven M. Wieder drew upon his extensive dentistry and oral hygiene experience to develop and perfect the most innovative and effective tongue-cleaning tools available.

Tung gel works well with Tung Brush to neutralize your unwanted bad breath.

Sudisng action: like scrubbing bubbles for the tounge

Zinc Chloride: The magic ingredient that helps neutralize the bad breath.

No tounge residue: toothpaste can leave a film coating on the tounge, TUNG GEL rinses off the tounge with no lingering residue

Has a minty taste.

Not intended for use by children under age of ten.

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