Kinetik LMS Spotlight:24 For Larger Area of Spots

Kinetik LMS Spotlight:24 For Larger Area of Spots

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The LMS Spotlight 24 uses Red Light Therapy (RLT), a natural and safe skin treatment proven to clear larger areas of spots fast.

If you want to treat larger areas of spots, the LMS Spotlight 24 is for you. Stylishly designed to look like a compact, it’s perfect for using at home.

It sits neatly on your dressing table and fits easily into your daily skincare routine. use for just one minute, three times a day, until your spots are gone.

  • LMS Spotlight 24 features & benefits.

  • 24 LEDs (Lights)
  • Just 1 minute treatment 3 times a day
  • Clear spots fast
  • Increases new skin cells by 155%
  • Uses technology developed for NASA
  • Clinically proven with no side effects
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Uses natural light – no creams/chemicals
  • Won’t dry your skin
  • Lights guaranteed for 5 years
  • Medical CE approval
  • Fully portable – battery operated
  • Suitable for mild to moderate acne and spots
  • Use on face, chest, neck and back
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